Collection: Sustain

While we spend most of our energy fighting for creating access to clean water sources in places without it... We're also fully aware that there's a need to protect water as one of our planet's most precious resources.
That's why one of our biggest environmental focuses at Fight For Something is reducing waste. Customers who have ordered from us before might have received one of our "Sustainable Packaging Orders"... We do everything we can to re-use a box/packaging instead of using new supplies.
This Earth Day, we're adding in our Sustain Collection... A collection of a few of our favorite products that can help you reduce your footprint in some really small ways.  You'll notice there's a few simples themes to these products... Cutting out single use plastics. Buying higher quality products that are meant to last. And surrounding ourselves with reminders to care for the place we call home.
For the month of April, 10% off everything in our Sustain collection.