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6-Pack of There is no Planet B Compostable Pots

6-Pack of There is no Planet B Compostable Pots

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Now introducing, plant-based plastic planters. AND seedlings to match. Make a small investment in the planet this spring by buying a 6-pack of Northern Glasses compostable pots. Because there is no Planet B.

Reasons these planters are the bomb:

  1. Petroleum-free: No need to drill for oil like other plastic products. This material is strictly plant-based!
  2. Landfill-free: We produce enough garbage as is... Let's start cutting back our footprints one item at a time. 
  3. Safe for waterways: No need for fertilizers. The pot itself becomes food for the plants!

These pots have plant food built right into the walls of the container. These nutrients come from coffee chaff, worm casings, and other natural organics. As the pot breaks down it releases these nutrients and proteins directly into the roots. This helps the plants grow bigger and faster all season long.

Planting Directions:

Fill with dirt to about 1/2" below the brim of the pot.

*Do not pack soil too tight as it may lead to cracking pot and poor plant growth.

Add seeds approximately 1/4" down into the soil and lightly cover with loose soil. Gently water and be careful not to wash away seeds.

Our "There is No Planet B Compostable Pot" is part of our Sustainability Collection, a collection of products meant to help our customers lighten their footprint on the planet in small ways. These pots are meant to make it really easy and tangible to go and plant a tree for the planet, without producing unnecessary waste in the process.

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