Who We Are

Northern Goods exists to fight for clean water, and does so through the manufacturing of products and gifts inspired by the North. Apparel, drinkware, candles, and more... Northern Goods takes pride in keeping manufacturing work local, producing most of our products ourselves right here in Minnesota.

Built around our Glasses for Gallons program, 7% of drinkware sales are invested into organizations near and far that are fighting for clean water. As of January 2024, we're proud to have invested over $33k into organizations fighting for clean water around the world.


Northern Goods is owned by Twin Cities Print, a scrappy printing company based out of St. Paul, Minnesota that exists to fight for small businesses. Started by Mitch Reaume back when he was 23 and had no idea what he was doing, but knew he wanted to start a company committed to making a difference and create products that celebrate the North.

Some things never change... Mitch still has no idea what he is doing. Some things do change... He is certainly not 23 anymore.