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Reclaimed Candles

Reclaimed Candles

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For those wanting to buy a candle in a reclaimed vessel being given a 2nd life, this is your spot!

2 types of candles make their way into our Reclaimed line:

  1. Candles that have had a life as a candle already. We wash them out and give them another life. These ones get reset as best as they possibly can, but some of them still may show some wear (a char mark, a misprinted candle, a test pour for a new fragrance, etc…).
  2. Misprints that don't meet our perfect standards for a print normally... but still has character to it and we hate to see them go to waste! So we print one of our signature reclaimed candle designs over the top of it, and sell them as a reclaimed candle to prevent meaningless waste.

Pictures will not represent the exact candle you receive, each one has its own imperfections and story.

Note: We throw a $5-$7 discount on these candles as a thank you for prioritizing recycling with us. These candles actually cost us more to produce as a result of the time that goes into reclaiming the candle vessels... but we think it's pretty sweet when folks like you want to recycle with us. So the discount is on us!

  • Fragrance: Mystery - It depends on what we are pouring that week.
  • 11 oz. Candle
  • Approximately 50 hour burn-time
  • Clean burning premium soy wax blend
  • Lead-free wick
  • Printed AND poured in St. Paul, MN
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