Do you really make all of this stuff yourself?

We are really proud to manufacture the bulk of our products right in the heart of the North.... St. Paul, Minnesota. In true northern fashion, like our lumberjack and mining predecessors, we take a lot of pride in being self-sufficient and making our own goods.  All drinkware, apparel, candles and laser engraving is done right here. A few of our specialty products such as puzzles and ice trays involve some key partners that we trust... but by and large if you bought something from us, you can be sure our hands made it!

Can I do a custom order?

Yes, we run custom drinkware, apparel and candle orders for people all of the time! Got a custom order?  Reach out to us at Mitch@twincitiesprint.com.  We'd love to help.  

Did you change your name?

Yes, thanks for asking! Many folks came to know us by our original name... Northern Glasses. In 2024, we made the long overdue decision to change our name to Northern Goods as a reflection of the reality that we've grown into manufacturers of a lot more than just glasses! Apparel, candles, laser engraving and more. We've grown a lot over the years and the name change is a reflection of it.

Do you sell on Amazon?

Nope. Small businesses are our people. We sell to a network of over 200 small businesses who we're proud to support and call our friends. We keep our products off of Amazon, because we think it is the best way to support those small businesses.

Are your glasses dishwasher safe?

We don't cut any corners when it comes to adhesion. We use the best inks on the market and prime and pre-treat all drinkware when needed for strong adhesion. All of that being said, for owners looking to prolong the life of their print, handwashing will always be best. Some folks roll the dice and throw them in the dishwasher and see the ink last for years... others roll the dice and are less lucky.

Do your glasses come with beer in it?

No. No they do not.